The Sleeveless Garden

Nalintip Warutai
Kangwarn Pipitpongson
Ittidej Lirapirom

"Simple design and practical function"


We are The Sleeveless garden. We are 3 friends from architectural school. We are all interested in leather products, that’s why our main production line is the genuine leather goods. Our brand has been established since May 2011 and we started entering the market in October 2011.

The strength of our product is shape, structure and details. First priority in creating our products is the process of designing and material used. All three of us have background in architecture and design so our fundamental architectural knowledge has been playing a major role in the product design stage.

We have come up with two means of designing method; Follow and Oppose;For Follow, the process involves with preliminary design, making study model and play with joint details. And for the Oppose, we emphasize on the feature design first which are shape, form and proportion lead function that creates unclear function like multi-purpose area in architecture.

We select only natural leather for our materials and use only self-structure leather that won’t need any other supporter. This is to guarantee the genuineness of the material usage.


Bachelor of Interior and Landscape Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand


  • Jatujak Weekend Market, Section 4 Soi 47/1 Room 018
  • Siam Square Soi 11

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