Anek Tantasirin

NAICA Collection “NAICA” is name of the biggest mineral quartz mine in the world.
This collection was inspired from natural beauty of the truncated form of quartz, attributed to the selected gems in quartz family.


Arquetype is a fine contemporary jewelry brand that unfolds the connection between arts, nature and humanity. Made for both sexes, Arquetype consists of a wide selection of gemstones sourced from all over the world with regard to authentic natural ingredients and fine grade. Each gemstone possesses its one-of-a-kind beauty since its pattern, glow and mark is different, offering an item a very distinctive character. The jewelry is designed based on the simplicity of nature. With no obscuration to the gems, each piece is unique and can be worn for a very long time. The key message of Arquetype is: "Apart from its beauty and unique value, every jewelry item should create an identity for the wearer."

The name "Arquetype" combines three words together, namely art, acute (intelligent and witty), and archetype (a prototype or a master template). Our definition is that nature is a prototype for arts and human has recognized this point and transformed it into various forms since ancient times. This is the quality we value. Also, with fondness for modern and contemporary art and the unique character of each gemstone, designer Anek Tantasirin views jewelry patterns as graphics created by thousands of years of processing and crafting by nature. Therefore, Arquetype will bring you the greatest creation of nature in the form of fine contemporary jewelry.


BA Visual Communication Arts, Assumption University, Thailand


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