re + pair

Chatporn Ninthumachart

Keep it simple

RE+PAIR is an environmentally friendly company established in Thailand that focuses on original thinking and creativity towards the design of functional products, in a distinctly Thai style.

RE=RETHINK has been a challenge and fun; to think of original ways to use materials.

PAIR=my name is re-cycled into the name and I am happy to make products that I love and believe in.

RE+PAIR was born in Thailand. Our main idea is to make products that we love, while disturbing the balance of the environment as little as possible. In addition, we try to help support the livelihood of our suppliers and employees as much as we can.

We believe in the slogan “Keep it simple”

In 2008, RE+PAIR was established in Chiang Mai, Thailand; founded by the visionary Chatporn Ninthumachart aka Pair.

RE+PAIR was initially her university thesis. By late 2009, the idea became a reality and had developed sufficiently to expand its operations to Bangkok,

78/10 Pahonyothin30 Jatujak Bangkok,10900 Thailand.
+668 4500 7831