Carletta Jewellery

Surasak Maneesathianrattana

3rd Collection

The Volcanic Re-Stage

The Volcanic Re-Stage inspired from explosion of lava from the volcano. We simplified it in to 4 stages as: The Ocean, The lava, The Under Wonder, and The Crystal. We used texture and graphic line to represent concept in our design work.

Stering Silver, Bronze, Semi-precious stone and Precious stone are used in this design.

4th Collection

“Bird of Prey”

The inspiration come from “Bird of Prey” which is a big and strong bird on the earth for example eagle, hawks, etc. This kind of bird is the end of the food chain they can hunt a big animal like deer, wolf, and other animals on earth. So, we bring the uniqueness of their mandible and claw in our design (Belonging ring). We found it interesting in their gesture when they spread the wing and stress up their body to aim the prey also using in our design (Spread out double ring). It’s so attractive when they aim the target it’s so focus and charming. This collection use to show that not only human are the hunter but also this kind of animal too.

Surasak Maneesathianrattana, Founder and Designer of Carletta jewellery, is one of Thai jewellery designers. He was born in the jeweler family which makes him familiar with materials and tools of goldsmith. When he was young he was playing with goldsmith tools to create his own ring since he was 13 years old. It’s the starting point of his interesting in jewellery.

After he graduated bachelor degree in Business Administration from Assumption University he was start his work as United Nation’s officer and other organizations. But not for long time his instinct leading him to quit his job and go directly to study Gemological Science from Asian Institute of Gemological Science in Bangkok from this institute he gain expertise in diamond and Gemstone which it very useful skill for jewellery business. After that he simultaneously works with his family business in every aspect of jeweler. He frequently attends seminar and course about jewellery such as Jewellery design, Jewellery production (Casting, Plating, Model making, Polishing, and etc.) that make him as intense jeweler.

Year 2011, He started his own jewellery brand “carletta Jewellery” which represents Jewellery which, delicates in design and production. Surasak’s keen eye for detail, expert craftsmanship and his creativity has given rise to dramatic creations with and eternally jewellery design.

Year 2013, He selected to be one of Thai’s designers as Talent Thai 2013 by Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce,Thailand. And He won the Award as “Best jewelry designer” by Department of industrial Promotion, Ministry of industry in cooperate with Srinakarinwirot University.

Year 2014, He selected to be one of 1st ASIA TALENTS 2014. Year 2014, Carletta Jewellery launching new brand as Xcarletta which used logo “Xc” to entry to Fashion accessories industry.

We used the “Xc” for our new brand concept of collaboration brand.

X= Multiple
C= Carletta Jewellery

Xc looking for collaboration term that more than plus value but create more potential to multiple their brand value between collaborate brand.

The 1st project Xcarletta collaborate with stylish fashion brand PYLY and we call it “PYLYxCARLETTA” for AW14 in the collection “Shades of Grey”

The inspiration:
From the best seller erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James

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